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Closes Friday, June 29, 2018 1:00 PM CDT

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Sale Number: 329  -  Triskeles Auctions
Lot Number: 955

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Lot 955.  [Celtic & Greek]. Lot of eight AR and Æ. All Æ unless otherwise indicated. Includes: Celtic Britain. Durotriges. AR 1/4 stater // Macedonia, Amphipolis // Thracian Kingdom. Rhoemetalkes I // Cimmerian Bosporos, Pantikapaion // Bithynian Kingdom. Prousias II // Mysia, Kyzikos // Cilician Kingdom. Tarkondimotos // Ptolemaic Kingdom. Ptolemy II. Fine-VF, the Ptolemaic Æ with active bronze disease on the edge. LOT SOLD AS-IS, RETURNS NOT PERMITTED.

Estimate: US$ 100 

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Closing PriceUS$ 105 
Closing DateFriday, April 6, 2018
4:18:00 PM CDT