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Sale Number: 338  -  Triskeles - Auction 28
Lot Number: 318

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Lot 318.  Nero. A.D. 54-68. AR denarius (16 mm, 3.33 g, 5 h). Rome, A.D. 65/6. [NERO CAESAR] AVGVSTVS, radiate head of Nero right / SALVS in exergue, Salus seated left, holding patera. RIC 60; BN 228; BMC 90-3; RSC 314. Very fine.

This denarius celebrating health (Salus) may perhaps refer to the revitalization of Rome in the aftermath of the Great Fire, which destroyed much of the city in A.D. 64. Alternatively, it may allude to Nero's foiling of the Pisonian conspiracy (A.D. 65), which sought to assassinate him and establish the Roman statesman C. Calpurnius Piso as a more moderate emperor in his place.

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