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Lot 548.  Kumaragupta I. Ca. A.D. 414-455. Heavy PB unit (18x14 mm, 6 g). Garuda standing facing with wings outstretched / Brahmi legend Sri Kumaragu(pta), within square beaded border. Kumar, Treasures of the Gupta Empire, p. 339. Rare. Fine.

The Gupta emperors issued lead coins only after they conquered Gujarat, which had a long numismatic tradition of lead coins under the Western Kshatrapas. When Chandragupta II defeated the last Kshatrapa king Rudrasimha III, he started issuing lead coins with Garuda replacing the earlier bull symbol on obverse. Kumaragupta continued with this series, as did his successor Skandagupta.   These lead coins circulated only in the western part of the empire. The series ended when Gujarat was lost to the Guptas by the end of the 5th century.   Lead coins of the Guptas are all scarce, and finding a heavy coin like this (6.00 g) is rare. No specimen over 5 g is recorded by Kumar.

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