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Lot Number: 445

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Lot 445.  India, Western Kshatrapas. Nahapana. ruled Ca. A.D. 53-99. AR drachm (15 mm, 2.14 g). King's bust right, with Greek legend around / Stylized thunderbolt and arrow, with Brahmi legend Rajno Kshaharatasa Napanasa on left margin and Kharoshthi legend Rajno Chaharatasa Nahapanasa on right margin. Senior 303. An attractive specimen with a detailed portrait. Choice.

Nahapana was the great Kshatrapa (Saka) ruler of Gujarat, Malwa and northern Konkan, who ruled for 46 years and even defeated the Satavahanas. The Kshatrapas are considered to be Indo-Scythians, though Nahapana may have had an Indo-Parthian connection. But he was finally defeated by Gautamiputra Satakarni and killed along with his entire family. Nahapana's feudatory Chastana later recovered much of the former's territory and his successors ruled for another 300 years, till Chandragupta II Vikramaditya eventually defeated them in circa 400 AD. Of Nahapana himself, his coins bear testimony to a long and successful reign that ended in tragedy.

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