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Lot Number: 472

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Lot 472.  India, Kushan Empire. Posthumous issue of Hermaios. Ca. early-mid 1st century B.C. Æ tetradrachm (23.5 mm, 9.40 g). Diademed bust of Hermaios right / Zeus enthroned left on high-backed throne, with hand outstretched; blundered Kharoshthi legend around. Senior, Hermaios 41.a.T.13; SNG ANS 1487; HGC 12, 308.

Hermaios was the last Indo-Greek to rule in Gandhara and surrounding regions (c. 105-90 BC). After the Yueh-Chi captured the area they imitated his coinage, just as they did in Baktria after defeating Heliokles I some sixty years earlier.

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