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Lot Number: 492

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Lot 492.  India, Maukhari dynasty of Kanauj. Avanti Varman. Ca. A.D. 560-580. AR drachm (14 mm, 2.17 g). King's head left, wearing a crescent-topped crown; traces of date? to left / Fan-tailed Garuda standing facing, with Brahmi legend Vijitavanir-avanapati sri Avantivamma divam jayati around. Not listed in Mitchiner. Very rare and choice.

The Maukharis were vassals of the Guptas who established themselves at Kanauj during the decline of the Gupta empire in the 6th century AD. Maukhari coins follow the Madhyadesa type of the Guptas, with the fan-tailed peaock reverse. However, the style of the king's bust is quite different - his eye, for instance, is engraved in the 'Indian' style. All Maukhari coins are rare. Our specimen has the king's name Avantivamma clearly visible.

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