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Sale Number: 343  -  Triskeles - Auction 30
Lot Number: 523

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Lot 523.  India, Chandellas of Jejakabhukti. Paramardi. Ca. A.D. 1165-1203. AV quarter unit (12 mm, 1.02 g). Goddess Lakshmi seated facing / Devanagari legend Srima Pa/ramadi Varmma. Not listed in Deyell; cf. MNI 408 (full unit). Very rare.

Paramardi was one of the last kings of the Chandellas.  He was defeated by both Prithviraja Chauhan and his Muslim nemesis Muhammad bin Sam. The Chandellas never recovered from these twin defeats and Paramardi's subsequent death.   All of Paramardi's coins are very rare. Deyell did not record any specimens. Mitchiner lists the full unit (MNI 408), but not this quarter denomination.

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