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Sale Number: 346  -  Triskeles - Auction 31
Lot Number: 91

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Lot 91.  Nezak Huns. Vasudeva. Ca. 720-738. AR drachm (31 mm, 3.06 g, 2 h). Turkic bust right, wearing winged crown topped with senmurv, Brahmi inscription in field, Bactrian legend in margin; two countermarks / Fire altar with attendants, Pahlavi inscription in field, Bactrian legend in margin. Göbl 244 (cmks: 103 & 104); MACW 1561. Scarce and nice quality. Small edge chip. Very fine.

Vasu (Brahmi "Vakhu") Deva, also known as "Jibil" or "Zibil" was likely the nephew of Shahi Tigin, serving as viceroy of Zabulistan, an ancient kingdom stretching from southern and western Afghanistan into eastern Iran.

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