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Lot Number: 157

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Lot 157.  L. Scipio Asiagenus. 106 B.C. AR denarius (18 mm, 3.87 g, 6 h). Rome. Laureate head of Jupiter left / L · SCIP · ASIAG in exergue, Jupiter driving galloping quadriga right, preparing to hurl thunderbolt; above, ·/R. Crawford 311/1c; Sydenham 576b; Cornelia 24. Lovely toning. Choice very fine.

The reverse commemorates the decisive victory over Antiochos III the Great of Syria in 190 B.C. by the moneyer's ancestor, L. Cornelius Scipio, and his ancestor's brother, Scipio Africanus, at the Battle of Magnesia. The victory resulted in Roman control over the internal affairs of much of Asia Minor, greatly adding to the domains administered directly by Rome and bringing her one step closer to total dominance of the entire Mediterranean region.

In his later career, this moneyer become co-consul with C. Norbanus in 83 BC, and raised two armies to oppose Sulla during the Second Civil War. He was no match for the dictator and his hardened legions, however; both of his armies deserted him, defecting to Sulla, without ever committing to battle.

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