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Sale Number: 346  -  Triskeles - Auction 31
Lot Number: 179

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Lot 179.  Vespasian. A.D. 69-79. AR denarius (17 mm, 3.07 g, 5 h). Uncertain mint in Illyricum or Moesia(?), or imitating Ephesus, A.D. 70. [IMP CAE]SAR VESPAS AVG COS II [TR P P P], laureate head of Vespasian right / PACI [AVG]VSTAE, Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm. Cf. RIC 1412 (Ephesus); cf. RPC 820 (same). Unique and unpublished. Toned. Very fine.

While the types and legend of the denarius copy the Ephesian issues of Vespasian struck in A.D. 70, the style of the engraving seems to fall under what RIC terms the "uncertain early or military mints." These issues were seemingly struck in either Illyricum or Moesia during Vespasian's bid for the throne or shortly thereafter. The dating of this coin, however, may indicate that it is simply an imitation of an Ephesus mint denarius rather than one of the military issues from the beginning of Vespasian's reign.

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