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Lot Number: 259

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Lot 259.  Gallienus. A.D. 253-268. BI antoninianus (22 mm, 3.80 g, 12 h). Legionary issue. Mediolanum, A.D. 260-262. GA-LLIENVS AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust of Gallienus right, holding spear over far shoulder / LEG II PART VI P VI F, centaur sprining right, holding club and pointing. Cf. RIC 336 (bust); cf. Göbl 997s (PART VII...); cf. RSC 483-4 (bust). Unique bust type for this legionary issue. Toned, light porosity. Very fine.

The reverse of this coin praises the loyalty of the Legio II Parthica, depicting on the reverse the legionary emblem of the centaur, and celebrates the legion's victory over the Alemanni at Milan. It is part of a rare legionary series praising the various legions which assisted in repelling attacks by the Alemanni in northern Italy at the beginning of Gallienus' sole reign. The bust type is known for the same reverse with legend LEG II PART VII P VII F but not with VI.

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