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Lot 513.  India, Pre-Islamic kingdom of Chach. Ca. 4th-6th Century Æ cash (18 mm, 3.44 g). Bust of bearded king left / Chach tamgha, with Sogdian legend around. V. Shagalov & A. Kuznetsov, Catalogue of Coins of Chach III-VIII AD, 4.IV. Rare.

Chach was the oasis around modern-day Tashkent in Uzbekistan. This pre-Islamic kingdom was a key part of the Silk Road and prospered from trade between Europe and China. Its early coins bear a portrait similar to those on Hephthalite and Kushan coins, most notably the profile portrait and artificially elongated skull. In fact it is believed that the early rulers of Chach shared a common tribal Yeuchi ancestry with the Kushans.

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