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Sale Number: 349  -  Lucernae Prima
Lot Number: 172

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Lot 172.  Roman Republic - SEXTUS POMPEIUS MAGNUS PIUS. Denarius (37/6 BC). Uncertain Sicilian mint. PRAEF CLAS ET ORAE MARIT EX S C. Obv: MAG PIVS IMP ITER. The lighthouse of Messina with statue of Neptune, holding trident and rudder, foot set on prow; in foreground, galley advancing left, with aquila on prow, sceptre and trident on stern. Rev: PRAEF CLAS ET ORAE MARIT EX S C. Skylla left, preparing to strike with rudder; her lower body consists of two fish tails and three foreparts of dog. Crawford 511/4a. 3,47 g., 19 mm. Good very fine condition. Lightly toned. For a better impression take a look at pictures.

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