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Sale Number: 349  -  Lucernae Prima
Lot Number: 239

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Lot 239.  Roman Empire - Titus as Caesar, AD 69-79. Bronze as (9.89 g),. Judaea Capta type. Rome, under Vespasian, AD 72. VICTORIA NAVALIS. T CAES VESPASIAN IMP P TR P COS II, laureate head of Titus right. VICTORIA NAVALIS, S C across field, Victory standing right on prow, holding wreath and palm. Hendin -; RIC 454; BN 637; BMC 645A. 10,59 g, 27 mm. Good very fine condition in high grade. Beautiful brown toning. Please take a look to the cleaning process results: the coin before the cleaning have a green original patina and oxidations.

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