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Sale Number: 349  -  Lucernae Prima
Lot Number: 274

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Lot 274.  Roman Empire - Antoninus Pius, (138-161) Bronze sestertius, 148-149. COS IIII / S-C Aequitas. ANTONINVS AVG - PIVS PP TR P XII Laureate, draped bust r. COS IIII / S-C Aequitas, wearing long dress, standing facing, head turned l., holding cornucopiae with her l. hand, scales with her r. hand. RIC 133, 855var. C. 232var. BMC 298, 1823var. 26,77 g, 33 mm. Good very fine condition in high grade. Beautiful brown toning. Please take a look to the cleaning process results: the coin before the cleaning have a green original patina and oxidations.

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