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Sale Number: 351  -  Laurel Certified Coins, Auction 1, Ancient, World, US Coins and Tokens
Lot Number: 67

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Lot 67.  ROMAN EMPIRE: Augustus, AE Sestertius, 34.5mm (25.23g), Rome Mint. Obverse: Statue of Augustus enthroned left, holding laurel branch and sceper, set on ornate car drawn by four elephants; each elephant mouted by mahout. Reverse: Legend around large SC. Reddish patina with yellow-brown highpoints. Extremely rare reverse legend variant, TR omitted between PM and POT. No similar peice appears in major references. Perhaps engraver error and die destroyed after a few emissions. RIC I 62 Tiberius.

Estimate: US$ 600 

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Closing DateMonday, August 3, 2020
11:22:00 AM CDT