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Sale Number: 360  -  NBJ E-Auction 2, Ancient and Islamic Coins
Lot Number: 16

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Lot 16.  Molo (Ancient Greek: died 220 BC) was a general and satrap of the Seleucid king Antiochus the Great (223187 BC) Tetradrachm in the name of Seleucus I, He held the satrapy of Media at the accession of that monarch (223 BC); in addition to which, Antiochus conferred upon him and his brother Alexander the government of all the upper provinces of his empire. But their hatred of Hermeias, the chief minister of Antiochus, soon led them both to revolt in 222 BC. The two generals at first sent against them by the king were unable to oppose their progress, and Molon found himself at the head of a large army, and master of the whole country to the east of the Tigris. Weight : 17.12 gm, Size : 28 mm. About EF and Extremely Rare

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