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Sale Number: 360  -  NBJ E-Auction 2, Ancient and Islamic Coins
Lot Number: 389

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Lot 389.  Ilkhanid; Sati Beg khan ,Uncertain mint. 739/1338 -740/1339. Legend with ornate border, Kalimah in center / Name and titles of the Ilkhan princess Sati Beg. Sati Beg (fl. 13161345) was an Ilkhanid princess, the sister of Il-Khan Abu Sa'id (r. 13161333). She was the consort of amir Chupan (13191327), Il-Khan Arpa (r. 133536), and Il-Khan Suleiman (r. 13391343). In 133839, she was briefly the Ilkhanid khatun (queen regnant) during internal conflicts (and fragmentation), appointed by a Chobanid faction led by Hassan Kuchak. 2.17gm, About EF

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