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Sale Number: 361  -  Pars Coins
Lot Number: 83

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Lot 83.  SASANIAN KINGS. Varhran (Bahram) II. AD. 276-293. AR Drachm (3.52 gm; 28 mm). Jugate busts of king and queen facing right with Jackal headdress And crown prince facing left with jackal headress carrying xvarrah symbol / reverse; fire altar with attendants. (king and queen also interpreted as king and goddess Anahita conducting rites), Faravahar symbol on the left of flame, 3 dots on fire altar. There are various debates as to the character of the headdress of the queen and crown prince. SNS type VII/5; Göbl type X/3; Paruck 158; Saeedi 168; Sunrise 789var. Choice EF. Extremely rare.

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Closing DateMonday, May 10, 2021
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