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Lot Number: 92

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Lot 92.  SASANIAN KINGS. Shapur II. 309-370 AD. AR Obol (0.36 gm; 11 mm). Mint IX (“Kabul”). Struck circa AD 320-379. Bust to the right with Caduceus symbol in front of the face / Reverse, fire altar with attendants. Caduceus has great many complex meanings and association in ancient rites and hermetic traditions. In most occasion caduceus represent wellness, and eloquence in commerce and negotiation. SNS type Ib1/3a (pl. 16, A26); MK 1233 (Mint I) and 1337; Göbl type Ia/6a; Paruck -; Saeedi -; Sunrise 853var. Nice original find patina. Choice aEF. Extremely Rare.

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