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Lot Number: 241

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Lot 241.  ISLAMIC DYNASTS, Atabegs of Mayyafariqin & Jabal Sinjar. AH 607-617(AD 1210-1220). Dirham (11.44 gm; 30 mm). Sanjar, AH 612 = AD 1215/6. al-Ashraf I Muzaffar al-Din Musa, Turbaned and draped prince seated facing, right leg drawn up, holding orb?(flat spot on the coin) in his right hand and placing his left on his hip; around the image in the outer ring: Mozaffar al din shah,arml(?) Abu Alfath Musa val Ashraf, legend in the inner ring to left and right, Reverse, inner legend Imam al kamil. alhamd.....(flattened due to overstrike). Overstrike on earlier coin. Nice dark brown patina. Choice EF.

Estimate: US$ 200 

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