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Lot Number: 245

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Lot 245.  OTTOMAN EMPIRE. Mahmud II (1808-1839). ∆ (4.64 gm; 22 mm). Mint: Baghdad, year 1238 AH. Known as INKIL¬P«I (The Reformer or Revolutionary), Obverse Mahmud IIís Tughra, reverse: Mahmud II was the last of the Ottoman Sultans who entered in to a formal war with Persia under Qajar king Fath Ali shah. Persian forces under the command of Fath Ali shahís sons Dowlatshah and Abbas Mirza(crown prince) defeated the Ottoman forces several times and captured Baghdad. A peace treaty was signed between the two empires in Erzerum ending the hostilities in 1823 (1235-1236 AH). Reddish patina. Choice VF / Good VF.

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