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Lot Number: 259

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Lot 259.  PERSIA, Qajar Period, Fath Ali Shah. 1772-1834 AD. Civic Copper (5.66 gm; 17 mm). Obverse " Folus-e zarbe Kermanshahan" (Folus struck at Kermanshahan), year 1244 AH, reverese; Cavalry lancer striking a dragon (similar to St George killing a dragon legend seen in Europeans States coins) Legend of St George had originated in Georgia. At the time this coin was struck, the second Russo-Persian wars had come to an end with disasteruos result for Persia by losing provinces of Azebaijan, Nakhjavan and Armenia. Two decades earlier Gerogia had been lost to Russia as a result of first Russo-Persian wars and subsequent Golistan Treaty. Given the historical records, there were many refugees all over Persian Azerbaijan and Kermanshahan area including Armenians and many from ancient Christian sects such as Sabians previously living in the areas that came under occupation of Russia. The coin might have a solidarity meaning for those who had been dislodged from their ancesterial lands as typically Christian symbols were seldomly used in majority moslem Persia. Aledini 127. Brown-reddish patina. Choice VF. Extremely Rare.

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