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Lot Number: 266

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Lot 266.  PERSIA, Mazandaran province under the occupation of Russians. 1138 AH (1725 AD). Civic copper (18.64 gm; 24 mm). Mazandaran province under the occupation of Russians, as well as Late Safavid restoration period under chief commander Nader (later Nader Shah)-Tahmasp II (1729-1736 AD). obverse; "Folus-e Mazandaran" (Folus minted in the provinve of Mazandaran (Tabaristan)), date 1138 AH (1725 AD) Reverse; Lion and Sun to right. Aledini 138. Reddish patina. Choice VF. Extremely Rare. Extremely important coin for the history of the region, as per Treaty of Saint Petersburg between Persian and Russian Empires signed in Sept of 1723, Gillan (Daylaman), Mazandaran (Tabaristan), Astarabad, Shirvan, Derbent and Baku were ceded to Russia. Later on and in a few years these provinces were recovered by Nader Shah of Afshar Dynasty.

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