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Sale Number: 362  -  Pars Coins
Lot Number: 371

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Lot 371.  Late Safavid to early Qajar period: Nasta’liq calligraphy on semi precious stone-not a seal. Writing, After "Allah" calls Mohammad (Prophet), Fatimah (Prophet’s daughter who was married to Imam Ali, the first Imam of the Shias) followed by 12 imams who are considered to be the leaders of the Shia branch of Islam succeeding each other in the sequence the names are written This 14 are known as “14 Ma’sooms (gracious and sin-less)”. The phrase starts with: “Allah”, “Mohammad”, “Ali”, “Fatimah-e Ali”, Hassan, Hussein (Hossein), Ali, Mohammad, Ali, Ja’far, Musa, Mohammad, Hassan, Mahdi (Mehdi). Excellent condition.

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