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Lot Number: 372

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Lot 372.  Late Safavid, to early Qajar period: Ca. 18th-19th. Century AD. Seal on semi precious stone (1.32 gm; 15mm x 14mm). Poem: “First line: Maraa cho Jaddam “Heidar” naam nahaad” “Second line: Tazalzol dar arkaan-e aalam fanaa (nahaa)d”. Translation: “First Line”: I was named “Heidar” by my grandfather. “Second line” A name that is strong enough to withstand the tumultuous world. Description: the seal is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and calligraphy done by a master who not only knew engraving but also calligraphy and poetry. The name “Heidar” associated with the title of “Lion of Islam” is a title and name given to Imam Ali, the first Shia Imam whose bravery and gallantry in wars is immortalized in the literature of early Islamic history and records. Ali was also cousin of Prophet Mohammad and big supporter in spread of Islam. Later on he became the forth and the last Caliph of group known as “Raashedoon” or “Raashedin” who consisted of Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman and Ali. The positioning of the letters, omission of some words that were abbreviated to a single letter only for a few who were familiar to mystical expressions within such orchestrated writings makes this a true masterpiece of Sufi poetry and Shia Mysticism. Excellent condition.

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