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Sale Number: 367  -  NBJ E-Auction 3, Ancient and Islamic Coins
Lot Number: 235

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Lot 235.  ISLAMIC, Time of the Rashidun. Khosrau type. AH 31-41 / AD 651-661. Drachm (Silver, 27 mm, 2.79 g, 3 h), Arab-Sasanian type, Y (unlocated mint in the province of Fars), YE 29 = AH 41 = AD 661. Draped bust of Khosrau II to right, wearing elaborate mural crown; behind head, AFZUT GDH ('may his kingship increase' in Pahlawi); before head, HWSRWD ('Khosrau' in Pahlawi); in outer margin, 'bism Allah' ('In the name of Allah' in Kufic). Rev. Fire altar with ribbons flanked by two attendants; in upper left field, six-pointed star; in upper right field, crescent; to left, date; to right, Y (name of the mint in Pahlawi). Album 4. Malek, Arab-Sasanian, pl. 106, 1238. SICA I, Walker, Arab-Sasanian, Lightly toned. Very fine. The year 29 on the reverse stands probably for Yazdgard years and not Hijri years.

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