Laurel Certified Coins, Auction 3: Ancient, World and US Coins

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Sale Number: 376  -  Pars Coins
Lot Number: 105

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Lot 105.  SASANIAN KINGS. Yazdgird I, (399-420 AD). PB (Lead) unit (3.06 gm; 17 mm). obverse, Yazdgird’s bust turning right, letters “YLD” capped by crescent in front of face, reverse, fire altar with attendants with crescent and dots on both sides of the fire, letters “GW”(?) for Gorgan on the right side. Well struck on a nice broad flan. Choice VF. Nice original find patina. ""Word YLD also known as “Y(a)LD(aa)” (Yalda) has roots in Syric, Arabic and Persian languages. The Arabic root of “W,L,D” refers to the birth and in Syric, refers to the birth of the Sun. According to research by Pardis Mahdavi (Dean of Social Science-Arizona State University) and others (Dr. Mehrvari), the word “Yalda” has its roots in Mithraism and birth of Mithra which occurs on the day after the longest night of the year (Dec 21st), thus making it also a beloved holiday for early Christians due to its proximity to Dec 25th which is the birth of Christ. “Night of Yalda” is the longest evening of the year, where according to Mithraic and Zoroastrian religion, the evil forces are strongest given the length of the night. So rising sun will welcome a new era where the power of evil lessens as the day gets longer. The tradition is well and alive in Iran and many Persian culture oriented countries. Unpublished, and of highest rarity among the AE and lead fractions in Sasanian coinage"".

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