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Extremely rare drachm of the Arab Sasanian coinage.

Lot 255: ARAB-SASANIAN. Mus’ab ibn al-Zubair (66-72 AH.) AR Dirhem.

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ARAB-SASANIAN. Mus’ab ibn al-Zubair (66-72 AH.) AR Dirhem (4.10 gm; 30 mm). “Kirmanan (Kirman) mint, dated 70 AH. Obverse, Khosrau II style bust turning right with name in front of face, phrase Bismillah in Arabic followed by Pahlavi phrase “B’PRWR” most likely abbreviation for “B’PRWRDGAR” (To Rely on Mighty God) in the second quarter and Pahlavi GDH on the 3rd quarter. Reverse; fire altar with attendants, mint “Kirmanan (Kirman) and date 70. Album 17, Walker Plate XIX # 3 and 4, Eshraq 123. Choice EF / AU. Lightly toned. Lustrous. Extremely Rare. "This is an extremely rare drachm of the Arab Sasanian coinage. Mus’ab was Governor of Basra and brother of rival Caliph Adallah ibn al-Zubair. An able but highly vengeful military leader, in cooperation with Muhallab ibn Abi Sufra successfully defeated the epic Shia uprising of Al Mukhtar in Kufa which took place as retaliation against the martyrdom of the 3rd Shia Imam in Battle of Karbala. Musab was eventually killed in the battle in year 72 AH."

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