VAuctions recognizes that all auctioneers are legally obligated to operate their businesses in accordance with applicable local and national commercial laws. A further requirement for participating as a seller on the VAuctions site is strict adherence to the VAuctions Code of Ethics. This Code is intended to promote mutual trust between sellers and collectors through fairness, honesty, and integrity.

Each VAuctions seller pledges the following:

  1. I subscribe to the terms of the VAuctions Code of Ethics and agree to be bound by the provisions thereof, including any revisions as may be made from time to time.
  2. I will conduct my business in a professional and ethical manner and will exercise common sense and courtesy in my professional dealings to ensure that no discredit is brought to VAuctions or other VAuctions sellers.
  3. I will freely share my numismatic knowledge with collectors or interested individuals and will encourage research into ancient numismatics and history.
  4. I will promptly deliver items I sell unless other arrangements are made with the buyer.
  5. I will promptly pay for items I purchase or sell on consignment unless other arrangements are made with the owner.
  6. I will not intentionally misrepresent the value of any item, and I will not take unfair advantage of any buyer or seller.
  7. I will take all reasonable actions to correct errors made in normal transactions.
  8. I will not knowingly deal in counterfeits, copies, or reproductions without full and clear description of their nature and will never knowingly represent such items as genuine.
  9. I will not knowingly deal in stolen numismatic items. I will report such items to the proper authorities if they are offered to me.
  10. I will vouch for the authenticity of items I sell and will have no time limit on the return of items discovered to be non-authentic. I will offer a full cash refund upon return of any such item, including the cost of return shipping.
  11. I will explicitly state my terms, conditions of sale, return policies, and shipping information on VAuctions.
  12. I will not intentionally misrepresent items I sell, including the use of misleading or unclear images, historical conjecture, unsubstantiated provenance, artificial or applied patinas or other undisclosed surface alterations, or other tactics that may artificially inflate the perceived value of an item. I will provide clear images and will disclose all surface defects in my listings.
  13. I will operate in a fair and honorable manner and will not defame the character of my competitors or the quality of their products.

Violations of any provision of the VAuctions Code of Ethics shall constitute conduct prejudicial to VAuctions and may result in account suspension, termination, and/or legal action.

Rev 07/21/2022