Ex. Jonathan Kern Collection.
Fine Style.
Perge mint, dated CY 29 = 193/2 BC.
'Amphipolis' mint. Lifetime issue.
Early posthumous issue of Sardes
In the name and types of Alexander III
Amphipolis mint.
Ex. Jonathan Kern collection
Punic mint in Bruttium.
Cult statue of Artemis Ephesia.
Susa mint. Circa 304-300 BC. Rare.
Aï Khanoum mint. Very Rare.
Ekbatana mint.Rare.
Great example for this issue.
Attic standard. Rare.
Attic standard.Full wreath.
Great example for this issue.
Sharply struck. Fully lustrous.
Hekatompylos mint.Extremely rare.
Ekbatana mint.Extremely rare.
Unpublished. Extremely rare.
Recumbent Baktrian Camel on reverse
Seleukeia on the Tigris, dated 11 SE.