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Well struck on a nice broad flan. Rare.

Lot 85: KINGS of PERSIS. Oborzos (Vabharz). AR Tetradrachm. Persopolis mint. Rare.

AUCTION:  Pars Coins (Auction 378)

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KINGS of PERSIS. Oborzos (Vabharz), early-mid 3rd century BC. AR Tetradrachm (17.00 gm; 29 mm), Istakhr (Persepolis). Head of Oborzos to right, wearing kyrbasia, diadem and earring. Rev. Fire-temple of Ahura-Mazda; to left, Oborzos standing right, his hands raised in adoration; to right, standard. Alram 526. Sunrise 566. Well struck on a nice broad flan. Well centered. Choice EF. Rare.

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