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Lot 166: SASANIAN KINGS. Shapur III, 383-388 AD. PB (Lead) unit . RRR.

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SASANIAN KINGS. Shapur III, 383-388 AD. PB (Lead) unit (2.19 gm; 15 mm). Obverse, Shapur's bust with 2nd crown turning right, cross monogram in front of face, reverse, fire altar with attendants."Cross is a symbol which were used since pre- Achaemenid era in the region. The tombs of the Persian Achaemenid kings in Naqsh-e Rustam are in cross form carving on the mountain. As Imperial symbol Romans adopted the cross in their culture as the divine law from heaven (vertical element of cross) applied to the horizon (horizontal element of cross) of man. This meaning became apparent in their monumental architecture of Pantheon in Rome as well as crucifix element in execution of convicts originaly used by Phoenicians and later on Persians". Well struck on a nice broad medallic flan. Choice EF. Extremely rare.
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