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Lot 433: PERSIA, Safavid to Qajar period. Agate Seal Ring

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PERSIA, Safavid to Qajar period. Agate Seal Ring (1.18 gm; 15mm x 14mm). Excellent condition. Intact. Extremely Rare. "The phrase which became famous by a Safavid king Shah Ismail II (son of great Shah Tahmasb). Shah Ismail II was an extremely brave however ruthless and merciless king. He was released from prison after 20 years. His stay in prison altered his mind and filled him with rage. Once becoming a king he began purgin the Safavid court ruthlessly. He also desired to move Persia from the Shia faith to Sunni faith to become less antagonistic toward the Ottomans. However he relized quickly that the elders of the court will not go for such action and in order to put the rumors at rest, he wrote this poem noted on this precious stone. He did not last on the throne long and eventually was killed in a plot lead by his sister to replace him with Sultan Mohamad Khodabandeh her other brother and father of Shah Abbas the Great. The poem states,"ze mashreq ta maqreb gar Imam ast, Ali and al-e uo mara tamam ast. ( All will suffice us is for Ali and his family to be the Imam of the east and the west in the world). Extremely rare and valuable with recognizable text. Some also attribute this poem to Shah Tahmasp. For text history see "Farsnameh-ye Naseri- Volume 1", "Ahsan al Tavarikh volume 2", "Tarikh-e Aalam Araayeh Abbasi" by Iskandar Beyke-Monshi."
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