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Lot 211: BYZANTINE: Maurice Tiberius, AE Follis, struck AD 601/02. Mint CYZICUS, 12.98gm.

AUCTION:  NBJ E-Auction 6

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BYZANTINE EMPIRE: Maurice Tiberius AD 582-602. AE Follis, struck AD 601/02. Mint of CYZICUS. Obverse: (D N) (M)AVRICI TIB-ER PP A, crowned bust facing wearing consular robes, holds mappa in raised right hand and eagle-tipped sceptre in left. Reverse: Uncial letter M, to left downwards A/N/N/O, to right regnal year X / X, between limbs officina letter A, above star and in exergue mint-signature KYZ. (Weight: 12.98gm, Size: 31mm). Small Patina, Good Very Fine.
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