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Lovely strike. FDC. Fully lustrous.

Lot 60: INDIA, Kushan KINGS, Vasudeva II. 290-310 AD. Gold dinar.

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INDIA, Kushan KINGS, Vasudeva II. 290-310 AD. Gold dinar (7.91 gm; 28 mm). Vasudeva, diademed and crowned, standing facing, head left, flames at shoulder, sacrificing over altar and holding trident; monogram and filleted trident to left, tamgha to right, three pellets under left arm, retrograde swastika between feet / OhPO, ithyphallic Siva standing facing, holding diadem in extended right hand, trident in left; behind, the bull Nandi standing left, monogram on rump; pellet and tamgha to left, three pellets to left of Nandi. Gobl, Kushan 652; Donum Burns 476. Minor die break on reverse. Lovely strike. Choice FDC. Fully lustrous.
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