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"DA+H" mint, 60 AH. Double Mint! Extremely rare.

Lot 349: ARAB-SASANIAN. Abdallah ibn al-Zubair. AR Dirhem. RRR.

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ARAB-SASANIAN. Abdallah ibn al-Zubair. 60-73 AH, 680-692 AD, AR Dirhem (4.12 gm; 30 mm). "DA+H" mint, 60 AH. Rival Khalif, Obverse, Sasanian style bust turning right, name and title "apdwla-i zubiran amīr-i -wurrishnikān" meaning Abdallah commander of the faithfull, phrase "Bismillah" on the second quarter, triple dots at 6 o'clock, reverse, mint "DA+H" ("H" for possible "Herat" (not to be mistaken with Herat in present day Afghanistan) but as a dependency north of Darabgird and east of Istakhr. See Mochiri's Pettit Liste De Quelques Atliers Sassanides Inedit-1996. DA+H to the right and date 60 to the left, double mints are always extremely rare. Choice Superb. Lightly toned. Extremely Rare.
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