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"DA+P" mint, 54 AH. Double Mint! Extremely rare.

Lot 352: ARAB-SASANIAN. Abdallah ibn al-Zubair. AR Dirhem. RRR.

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ARAB-SASANIAN. Abdallah ibn al-Zubair 60-73 AH.(680-692 AD). AR Dirhem (4.08 gm; 32 mm). "DA+P" mint, 54 AH. Rival Khalif. Obverse, Sasanian style bust turning right, name and title "apdwla-i zubiran amīr-i -wurrishnikān" meaning Abdallah commander of the faithfull, phrase "Bismillah" on the second quarter, triple dots at 6 o'clock, reverse, mint "DA+P" ("P" for city of "Fasaa" which was under the jurisdiction of Darabgird) to the right and date 54 to the left, double mints are always extremely rare. Eventhough his official reign is from 60 to 73, there are coinage from year 53 for Darabgird from this ruler (See Walker xlii). Choice EF. Toned. Extremely Rare.
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