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Lot 388: ABBASID, Al Ma'mun, 809-813 AD. AR Dirhem. Nishabur, year 203. RRR.

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ABBASID, Al Ma'mun, 809-813 AD. AR Dirhem (3.04 gm; 24 mm). mint: Nishabur, year 203. Obverse, shahadah followed by the phrase Al Mashriq (The East), on the reverse, Shahadah for Prophet Mohamad followed by title of "Dhu'l-Ri'āsatayn" meaning the leader of two branch of power (military and civil). the title refer to Persian grand vizir of Ma'mun "Zadaan Farrokh" also known as Fadl ibn Sahl. Extremely rare in any condition given the appearance of the title. Fadl was insturmental in making the 8th Shia Imam Al-Rida (Ali ibn Mus al Reza) the crown prince and successor to Ma'mun. This action brought about the downfall of Fadl as he was accused of orchestrating Shia take over of Abbasids and desire to revive the Persian Sassanid Empire. Choice Good VF. Toned. Extremely Rare.
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