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Excellent style of calligraphy. Extremely rare.

Lot 529: PERSIA, Safavid to Qajar period. Yellow Agate Seal Ring. RRR.

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PERSIA, Safavid to Qajar period. Yellow Agate Seal Ring (0.97 gm; 17mm x 15mm). Persian calligraphy in its finest in Nasta'ligh style. 1st line: (Ya) Haq, Bismellah, baa naame Khodavand, Mohammad gohar(a)st o Ali Imam(a)st- 2nd line: Mahboob-e jaan, Fatemeh Um al ibteh Sadaf(a)st, Hassan va Hussein Aquiq be man(a)st Meaning: With the name of God (the merciful), Mohammad is the greatest jewel and Ali is the leader of the faith. Dear to my heart is Fatimah like pearl, who is the mother of the innocents and virtuous and Hassan o Hussein are my aqiq jewels. Excellent style of calligraphy. Excellent condition. Extremely rare.
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