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Extremely rare. Unpublished.

Lot 124: SASANIAN KINGS, Bahram (Varhran) IV, 388-399 AD. PB (Lead). RRR.

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SASANIAN KINGS, Bahram (Varhran) IV, 388-399 AD. PB (Lead) (2.62 gm; 14 mm). Obverse, Bust to the right, monogram in shape of Swan or duck(?) in front of face, reverse, stand alone fire altar , no date, mint not legible if any. Duck is depicted in Sasanian textiles and carvings as well as metal work as a sacred animal who is capable of living on land, water and air. Lovely strike on a nice flan. Choice aEF. Nice original find patina. Extremely rare. Unpublished.
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