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Choice FDC. Lustrous. RRR.

Lot 116: TABERISTAN, Yahya ibn Mikhnaq, year 129. AR Hemidrachm. RRR.

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TABERISTAN, Yahya ibn Mikhnaq, year 129 (AH 162-164, AD 779-781). AR Hemidrachm (1.92 gm; 24 mm). Obverse, Sasanian-style bust to right; behind head, standard AFZUT GDH, name 'Yahya' in Kufic in front of face; in outer margin, APD on 2nd quarter and NWKW (goodness and good deed in Pahlawi) on 3rd quarter, and floral ornaments. Rev. Sasanian fire altar with attendants, mint to the right and date 129 to the left. Yahya's coin has the most elaborate ring decorations of all Tabaristan series. He governed from 128-130 PYE which we also have coins from Umar ibn A'ala suggesting the year that overlaps their rule. Choice FDC. Lightly toned. Lustrous. Extremely rare.
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