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Lot 36: Seleukid Kingdom: Demetrius II Nikator. Damascus, AR Tetradrachm

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Seleukid Kingdom: Demetrius II Nikator. Second reign, Damascus, 128-127 BC. AR tetradrachm, Obv: bearded, diademed head of Demetrius II to the right. Rev: BALINESE AHMTPIY @EOY NIKATOPOL; Zeus enthroned to the left, holding sceptre with left hand and Nike, facing outward, in right; below throne: EA; in exergue: EP (date). (16.54gm, 30mm) Choice Very Fine. Ref: SC 2181.3b; HGC 1116d. Ex G. Hirsch Nachf. 171 (München 1991), lot 431; ex Gorny & Mosch 237 (München 2016), lot 1502.
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