Category: "Eastern Greek Coins"

dated 141/0 BC. Lovely example.
Hekatompylos mint, 141-132 BC.
Struck on a broad flan.
Choice FDC. Fully lustrous.
Elegant style. Sharply struck.
Rhagae Mint."Almost as Struck".
Great Style.
Lovely style. Fully Lustrous.
Ex. Dr Patrick Tan Collection.
dated year 512 SE (AD 200/1),
Good metal for the issue.
dated SE 269 (44/43 BC).
Seleukeia on the Hedyphon.
Extremely Rare!
Lovely example for this issue.
Mint C (“Ctesiphon”). Phase 3.
Lovely strike on a nice broad flan.
Extremely rare with dots on earflap
Large dot over the left shoulder.
Ex. Gert Cleff Collection.