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Lovely strike on a nice broad flan.

Lot 17: KHWARAZMIA, Artav (Artabanos). AR Tetradrachm. Extremely Rare.

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KHWARAZMIA. Artav (Artabanos). Circa 1st-2nd century AD. AR Tetradrachm (13.08 gm; 28 mm). Bearded bust right, wearing cap-like headdress with posterior flap; behind, Nike flying right, crowning king with laurel wreath held in his right hand / IUIVEWIE MELUV EILVILV (blundered Greek legend), king on horseback right; tamgha behind. B.I. Vainberg, Monety drevnego Khorezma (Moscow, 1977), pg. 109, 7 = CAAU 307; S.P. Tolstov, "The Coins of the Shahs of Ancient Khwarizm and the Ancient Khwarizmi Alphabet," Vestnik drevney Istorii (Moscow, 1938), pl. VI, 1; Göbl, Dokumente, pl. V = MIG Type 498. Lovely strike on a nice broad flan. Choice EF. Toned. Extremely rare.
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