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Sharply struck on a nice flan.

Lot 19: KINGS of ARMENIA, Tigranes II. 95-56 BC. AR Tetradrachm.

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KINGS of ARMENIA. Tigranes II. 95-56 BC. AR Tetradrachm (15.59 gm; 27 mm). Tigranokerta, circa 80-68 BC. Diademed and draped bust to right, wearing Armenian tiara with five peaks and emblazoned with comet; bead and reel border around / Tyche of Artaxata seated to right on rock pile, holding palm branch, river god Araxes swimming to right below; BAΣIΛEΩΣ to right, TIΓPANOY to left. Kovacs 132; AC 28 (Tigranes II); CAA 10 (Tigranes II); M&D 51 (Tigranes II); Nercessian, "Silver Coins of Tigranes II of Armenia," Armenian Numismatic Journal (vol. XXVI, pts. 3&4 [2000]), Group 3 (A45/P?). Sharply struck on a nice flan. Choice Superb EF. Lightly toned.
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