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Rare variety with dots on obverse.

Lot 115: SASANIAN KINGS, Hormoizd I. 272-273 AD. AR Drachm. Extremely Rare.

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SASANIAN KINGS; Hormoizd I. 272-273 AD. AR Drachm (4.21 gm; 27 mm). Bust right, wearing diadem and crown with korymbos. Rare variety with single dot behind the crown and 3 dots above the hair / Fire altar with ribbon; flanked by two attendants facing inward, the left, wearing crown with korymbos, raises hand, the right, wearing mural crown, holds up diadem. SNS type Ia/2b; Göbl type I/1; Paruck -; Saeedi 115; Sunrise 749 var. Choice EF. Some original patina. Extremely rare.
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