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Lot 100: Tabaristan, Khurshid, 741 - 760 AD, Silver Hemidrachm, Year 103, Choice AU

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Tabaristan, Dabuyid Ispahbads, Khurshid, 741 - 760 AD
Silver Hemidrachm Dated Year 103 (754 AD), 24mm, 2.05 grams
Obverse: Sasanian style bust right wearing mural crown, 'AFZUT GDH' on left and 'HURSHIT' on right, 'APD' in outer margin, all in Pahlavi, star within crescent left, right and below in margin.
Reverse: Fire altar set on three steps and flanked by two attendants standing facing wearing mural crowns and holding scepters with ribbons, star and crescent flanking the flames, date on left and mint on right, alternating triple pellets and star within crescents in outer margin.
Malek 40 // Album 52
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