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Lovely strike on a nice full flan

Lot 430: GREATER INDIA, Awadh State, Wajid Ali Shah (AH 1263-1272), AR Rupee. Rare.

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GREATER INDIA, Awadh State, Wajid Ali Shah (AH 1263-1272/1847-1856 AD), Silver Rupee (11.07 gm; 25 mm). obverse, Persian legend "Sekkeh zad bar sim o zar (struck in silver and gold) az fazl elahi (with recognition of God almighty), zellallah Haqq (Shadow of God almighty's truth and justice), Paayandeh baad (long live) Sultan-e aalam (King of the world), Wajid Ali Shah AH 1269, Rev: Crown under a royal canopy (Baldacchino), flanked by two angles similar to mermaids holding flags, the Persian legend "zarb-e dar-alsaltanat-e Lakhnau Mulk-e Aw(a)deh Akhtarnagar (minted at sublime Kakhnau), saneyeh 6-e julus-e maimanat manus" (in the 6th year of prosperous reign). KM 365.3; MK 11.72. Lovely strike on a nice full flan. Choice Superb EF. Nicely toned. Rare.
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