Struck in the name of Seleukos I.
Struck in the name of Lysimachos
Lovely example for the issue.
Fine style. Lightly toned.
Rare Heroic Bust Type.
Bilingual series.
Seleukeia on the Tigris mint. Rare.
Sharply struck on an excellent metal.
Lightly toned with some luster.
Dated 311 SE (1 BC).
Dated SE 435 (AD 123/4).
Dated SE 434 (June AD 122/3).
Dated SE 435 (AD 123/4).
Seleukeia on the Hedyphon.
Dated 271 SE (42/1 BC).
Extremely Rare. Apparently unpublished
Extremely rare.
Lovely strike on a nice broad flan.
mint: MI (Mishan), year 16.
mint: (YZ) Yazd, year 28.
mint: YZ (Yazd) year 33.
mint: ShY (Shiz), year 33.
mint: MR (Marv), year 34.